Best Hearthstone Arena Class – Mage Still Dominating?

Inside this article, I will be talking about the very best hearthstone arena class. But to take it even further, I’ll mention all of them and prioritize the best from top to bottom.

Hearthstone is a MASSIVE online game, and that’s why I highly recommend you read this post to the very end so you can get ahead of the game and dominate your opponents!

Don’t agree? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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#1 – Mage

Undoubtedly still the most powerful, and will probably be that way for a long time to come (as it currently has been), is the mage.

Even though they have been highly nerfed, her abilities, hero power, and her card pool still make her very strong.

If you’re wanting to get ahead of the game, then the Mage is definitely your go-to hero. Especially with cards like Flamestrike and Fireball, these are both incredibly strong spells.


#2 – Warlock

The warlock is my #2 choice for this list, mostly because they have come a long way, as all the updates have brought the Warlock some awesome new abilities.

To get the most out of this hero, simply combine it with a strong hero power and you will be knocking down your opponents like dominoes and climbing the ranks faster than ever.


#3 – Rogue

The Rogue has had a couple of strong abilities removed, but it still hasn’t dropped this card to the bottom just yet.

So the rogue still deserves a spot at the top of the list.

I enjoy the rogues play-style because you get to play fast, while her jade cards are still quite useful, a lot better than some of the other hero cards anyway.


#4 – Paladin

Oh yes, the snowball-to-victory class. The Pally has lost a lot of offering rate bonuses since the last few patches, however this hero class is still a common choice.

And that’s because it is still a great class.

The new cards that he has received work amazingly well in arena. The divine combos along with the “buff in hand” mechanism help keep him at the top of this list.


#5 – Priest

This one is extremely controversial. But the players that actually play this class absolutely know it isn’t as bad as it use to be.

For arena, the priest has some amazing new abilities now.

The priest (just like the Warlock) has had the biggest boosts in the last few patches.

What’s more? The Priests drake pool has improved by a lot, and that’s why everyone who plays the Priest enjoy them better than before.

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#6 – Warrior

The warrior is an ‘okay’ hero class ever since it has been nerfed.

Some cards have been wiped out, but some other decent cards have come to the table for him.

And because weapons are incredibly powerful in Hearthstone, the Warrior has the upper hand against his opponents.

The only reason why this card is near the bottom of the list is because the other classes have been given bigger and better abilities.

Not to mention that it has the worst hero power in game 🙁


#7 – Shaman

Again, the Shaman has had some good cards removed, but they have been given some good cards too.

But as you may or may not know, every Shaman user in arena never does well, and that’s because the abilities and play-style simply don’t work well against most of the other hero classes.

The jade cards aren’t the greatest either.

While the jade synergy doesn’t work well with the current cards, landing him in the #7 position.


#8 – Hunter

Not the greatest hero class out of them all 🙁 What a shame, since they are among the top classes in World of Warcraft.

Although the Hunter abilities are ‘okay’ for arena, the play-style and hero power don’t even come close compared to the rest of the classes.

However, I have noticed that Blizzard are starting to take a liking to them, I wouldn’t be surprised if they move up a couple of spots later down the line.


#9 – Druid

A lot of you will probably NOT agree with me here. But the recent changes has brought this class to the bottom of the list.

Yes, the druid does work great with the new massive buff it got, and is actually the strongest buff of them all.

However, it is still no good in arena gameplay.

The jade cards are completely bad while the hero power is no good.

And the worst part, it’s more than likely going to be like this for a very long time.

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My Final Thoughts

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You don’t agree with my list of the best hearthstone arena class? Comment below and let us know your thoughts!

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