Hearthstone Mastery Review – A Great Program After All

In this Hearthstone Mastery review, I will be debunking all the feedback that this specific product has been given over the years, then finding out if it is truly worth it.

I’m an honest guy and always provide my opinion for gaming products – mostly because I don’t want other fellow gamers to fall for the same scams that I have over the years.

So is Hearthstone Mastery really that good and going to help you progress through the ranks as quickly as the creators claim that you can?

Let’s find out. I hope you enjoy my review 🙂

Hearthstone Mastery Review

Product Overview

Hearthstone Mastery aims to get players from a complete Hearthstone noob to a pro in record time – so they claim.

They also provide players with unlimited access to all of their guides and video tutorials that they have on their website so users can be up-to-date with the latest strategies and game skills – leaving them with the upper hand against their opponents.

Included with this system is a library of over 100 courses.

These are updated with new guides and videos on a weekly basis, meaning their members can master every aspect of the game, as long as the players are willing to learn the strategies of course.

The members are learning straight from the most experienced Hearthstone players, because they are the ones writing the guides and courses.

Their content can be accessed from any device so players can learn on-the-go as well (this includes: mobile phones, tablets, Ipads, Iphones, laptops, PC’s, etc).

But the most important part about the Hearthstone Mastery system, the strategies and guides are available in all skill levels, from beginner all the way up to advanced.

So it doesn’t matter what your skill level is, it helps both newbies and professionals.

Hearthstone Mastery has thousands of members who are using this source to improve their skill-set.

The guides have been written out by experienced players who are willing to share their skills and knowledge to help out other players.

They can learn the different strategies and methods to enhance their rank, allowing them to compete amongst the top players.

What Ultimate Benefits Does This Specific Product Provide?

What really caught my eye was how much videos and courses that Hearthstone Mastery provides to its members.

It’s incredibly difficult to find these types of guides on the World Wide Web that have specifically been created by the professionals to help newbies advance their skills.

That’s what I really like the most out of this system.

It’s newbie-friendly, AND helps all skill levels, making it easier for every player to benefit from what Hearthstone Mastery has to offer.

Did Hearthstone Mastery Work For Me?

My favorite game is World of Warcraft, so of course when Blizzard released Hearthstone, I too would of wanted to give this a go.

But did I? No.

Being the stupid person I am, I waited a couple of years before I decided to try out Hearthstone for myself.

I was too hooked on WoW, so when I started playing Hearthstone I had no idea how to play and was always getting beaten by the better players.

I found Hearthstone Mastery after I searched for better ways to get good in the game.

I have been following the videos and guides for a month now, and yes, I can proudly say I have seen dramatic improvements.

If I keep at it longer I have no doubt that I’ll be competing against the top ranked players soon enough.

Pricing & Purchase Details

Hearthstone Mastery can be purchased from hearthstonemastery.com. However, the price usually changes, but mostly sits between $15 and $20.

This includes a 60 day money back guarantee, meaning you can get a full refund if you decide it wasn’t up to your expectations, or you don’t want to use the system anymore.

Check The Current Price Of Hearthstone Mastery

Pros and Cons


  • Members get UNLIMITED access to all the videos and guides that are available for all Hearthstone players, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • The guides have been created by the best players only, meaning you are getting the best and only the best strategies to help you advance in the ranks
  • The strategies are updated weekly so every member will always get the best and latest guides, allowing you to always be up-to-date with the latest strategies and techniques
  • This system is very easy-to-run, newbie-friendly, and it doesn’t take long for you to learn the ropes and find your way around the entire website


  • Some of the guides are quite lengthy, this could be bad for you if you aren’t a big fan of reading
  • Just like everything in life, to improve your skill-set, you need to be willing to learn, otherwise you will not get far with this system

hearthstone mastery cover photos

Do I Recommend This Product?

What I liked the most about Hearthstone Mastery is that I can easily master the insider tricks and the best strategies JUST from reading the tips and watching the hundreds of video tutorials available for me at any time.

Whether it be while I’m out having lunch in town or at home on the PC, I like how we can access the guides anywhere, anytime.

Members can also bookmark their favorite videos and guides.

So when they switch devices, they won’t lose the video they were watching.

The best part about it, the guide can serve as an “experienced mentor” for players while they play on another device.

All in all, Hearthstone Mastery is a great system and works just as advertised, it has exceeded my expectations by a long shot.

Which is why I’m going to say YES, this is highly recommended!

My Final Opinion

The Hearthstone Mastery guide is the only database that I ever needed to learn how to play Hearthstone like a pro.

Even though there are a couple of cons, they are extremely minor and not something to worry about.

Especially because the benefits of the pros and the entire system has been found to be true and legit.

Not just by me, but also from thousands of others who have used it and increased their in-game skill and knowledge.

It has taken me from zero to a leading man in a short amount of time!

So for these reasons which I have outlined, in addition to the pros heavily outweighing the cons, I will have to say the Hearthstone Mastery guide is highly recommended!

Start Increasing Your Hearthstone Ranks Now!

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2 Replies to “Hearthstone Mastery Review – A Great Program After All”

  1. Thanks for a very informative article. I have never been any good at Hearthstone and I had no idea that there was a ‘Hearthstone guide’ that we had to pay for either.

    Your review was very thorough, I now know what this entire website is all about, I may have to check it out in the future. But in the meantime, I will try get better from practicing first.

    Once again, awesome review post!

    Take care,

    1. Well Tanner, there’s a first time for everything eh? Haha. All jokes aside though, that is perfectly fine my good friend.

      Hearthstone Mastery is a shortcut to getting wherever you want in the game.

      Whether you want to get better at the game just to beat your friends, or to learn ALL the different tactics and methods to dominating everyone you come across, getting you up against the top ranked players, Hearthstone Mastery is the way to go.

      And that’s why I enjoy using it myself.

      Thanks for the comment,

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