How To Get Better At Hearthstone: 10 Tips From The Pros

Getting better in the game Hearthstone isn’t all that easy. Because if it was, everyone would be among the top players wouldn’t they?

And that’s exactly why I will be explaining how to get better at Hearthstone inside this very article.

If you want to increase your skill level and have the ability to SMASH your friends and face the top-ranked players, then this post has your name written all over it ūüôā

I really hope you enjoy it!


1. Focus On Strategies

hearthstone strategy

There’s no point in trying to move up the ranks if you aren’t learning the ins and outs to the game!

Even though it’s possible to¬†fluke all your games, as soon as you reach the players who are much better than you (the ones that have learned the best strategies and studied long enough to discover all the secrets) you will have a tremendously hard time trying to surpass them.

So instead of just trying to move up the ranks, you should be focusing on studying different strategies, what works best with what, and what you should avoid doing.

Do that, and you will start rising up the ranks faster than if you were just ‘winging’ it.

This is what I used, and have never looked back since.


2. Watch Your Card Placements

card placement

Everyone thinks that you can place your cards anywhere on the board without it having a great effect on the gameplay. This is wrong.

Wherever you or your opponent places his/her cards, it can affect how the cards can be played later on in the game and how your defensive’s work.


3. Draw First, BEFORE Playing Your Turn

A lot of Hearthstone players (yes, even some advanced players too) play their turn numerous times before drawing more cards.

This is not the best choice.

When you draw first – before playing your turn – you can completely change the game and the outcome you could bring to it.

Rule of thumb: РIf you are contemplating whether you should draw or not, just do it, and do it asap!


4. Stop Ending Your Turn Early

As you play your turn and use your abilities, more things can happen during the game.

Instead of just ending your turn (because you’re impatient, don’t worry, I was like that too), you should do a little more planning.

Check the board PROPERLY before you end it.

Rule of thumb: Take a breather, be patient, and view the entire board before ending your turn.

Do that, and I promise you that you will start playing a lot better than you use to.


5. Use “Baby” Minions Before Everything Else

hearthstone secret card

You never know what your opponents Secret cards are, so it’s actually a better idea to use your baby/weaker minions before diving in and using your stronger ones.

Why do I do this?

Because you can get a better idea of what you’re up against, and if their Secret ability isn’t too much to worry about, then tackle them with stronger minions/cards.

A¬†lot of you won’t agree with me on this one, but it’s actually a lot better to do it until you know what their “Secret” is.


6. Focus On The Game The Entire Time

There’s a very good reason why the top ranked players are there and you’re still struggling to break rank 10.

And that’s because those players will be strategizing their next move¬†EVEN when it’s the other players turn.

They aren’t watching funny cat videos while they wait for the other person to end their turn ūüėõ

It’s just like a professional game of chest, advanced chest players will figure out their next turn while the other one is playing theirs.

Implement this technique into your Hearthstone gameplay and you will have a much easier time getting up the ranks my good friend.


7. Reduce The Rage

angry woman

We all do it, we rage when we lose, ESPECIALLY if we f***ed up real bad when we could have easily won the game.

But rage only turns to hate, then hate turns to you not liking the game anymore.

This increases the chances of you giving up on the entire game, then your dreams of becoming a top-ranked player have dropped dramatically.

So do not rage at every loss, because this will just result in the opposite of getting better.

Rule of thumb: Try and learn from your mistakes and figure out why you lost, instead of getting angry at it after every game you lose.


8. Focus On 1 Hero Until You Master It

I have seen my friends struggle for so long, and one of the main reasons is because they switch classes all the time and never learn anything.

I like to play a class and learn everything about it, figure out the best strategies and glean helpful information wherever possible.

And that’s what you should be doing too, because guess what? Everyone at the top is doing that.

They stay playing a class for a long time before they move on to the next.

I’m not talking about a few games either, I’m talking weeks and even months if you really want to master¬†it.


9. Stop Playing When You’re On A Losing Streak

There’s a very good reason why you lose even more when you are on a losing streak, and that’s because your mindset has completely changed from when you’re regularly playing.

You don’t play at your best, you¬†don’t bother strategizing anything, you are just playing incredibly bad.

That is no mood/mind set to be in if you are trying to figure out the best strategies and focus on the game.

So take a break, calm down, have a coffee…or a beer (or 2), then get back into it!


10. Learn From The Pros

If you want to get better at the game and increase your ranks, so you¬†can eventually wipe out the “noobz”, then why not learn straight from the professional players?

People can now stream themselves playing video games, and it is actually more popular than it has ever been.

Take advantage of this and watch the best players in live action.

Furthermore, watch YouTube videos, read forums, blogs, or fansites.

By doing this, you can get a general idea about what you are doing wrong, and once you start implementing the methods you find, you can start getting better.

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There are hundreds and even thousands of strategies/play-styles that you can learn and try out yourself within the game.

And that is why the¬†players that research the guides that the top players release are the ones who will initially fly up the ranks and surpass the people that aren’t putting any time or effort into researching things themselves.

Luckily, I found the best way to do it, and everything is all compiled up into 1 single website for all your viewing pleasure.

It’s called Hearthstone Mastery, and it’s actually the best/fastest way to get better at the game.

Got more tips you want to share? Let us know in the comment section below ūüôā

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