LoL Builder Review – Does It Really Work?

I was incredibly surprised when the owners of this product were claiming that you could get to the diamond stage within 60 days, but is this really that true, or just another useless product created by “gurus” to make a quick buck off of you?

I’m here to provide an honest LoL Builder Review, this is where I will debunk all the online feedback that this specific product has accumulated over the years and finding out if you can REALLY get diamond level in the small amount of time that they claim you can.

I hope you enjoy this article!

lol package builder

LoL Builder Review

Product name: LoL Builder

Cheapest place to buy:

What is it: Helps players get to diamond level within 60 days

Review by: Brandon Willing

Who created the LoL Builder?

The Package Builder has been created by a company called LoL Builder.

They are mostly dedicated to helping LoL players, guiding them through the tough challenges that League of Legends and their tough players have to offer.

Their main focus is to get more and more players to the diamond rank in just 60 days (whether that be complete newbies or regular players, they claim that they can do it either way).

Product Overview

Essentially, the LoL package builder is an app that runs on the desktop of your PC or laptop to help League of Legends players get higher rankings.

The product creators have created this system to make it easier for newbies to get past the Bronze stage, or at least the Silver stage.

It also comes with an e-book for the players that prefer to read. They claim that they can turn a bronze player into a diamond player in JUST 60 days.

When you’re using the app, it works in conjunction with the players in-game interface to help them start winning more.

How? It does this by providing users with the best diamond player builds.

Basically, it offers the best moves for your current situation and lets you know what you need to do next.

The e-book works alongside the app too, providing players even more with all the best information needed to allow users to see drastic improvements in their skill and knowledge.

Doing all of this, together with the increasing amount of games you play, will improve your playing skills in a very fast amount of time.

It doesn’t take that long for you to learn all the best moves so you can wipe out your opponent as fast as possible.

You will always have the upper hand against all of your opponents, every single time.

What Ultimate Benefits Does This System Provide?

I can clearly see that the League of Legends guide will help you get to diamond in record time.

I play League of Legends casually, but never in my time playing have I seen someone get to diamond level in 60 days. That was something that really stood out to me the most with this system.

Did it work for me?

I bit the bullet and decided to give this system the benefit of the doubt.

I did not follow the e-book and app religiously, but in the small amount of time that I did play, I saw many improvements in my game play just from using the desktop app and following along to it.

I am also better than most of my online buddies now, and they’re all asking me how I learned to get better than them so fast (they starting playing this game a long time before me).

However, I’m not telling them how I got good so quickly, lol.

So, it did work for me,

But I will say that if I stuck at it longer, I would have easily hit the diamond rank in less than 60 days.

And IF I actually played on it at least a few hours a day instead of skipping, this would of also made my end results much better than they were 😛

Who It’s For

The LoL Package Builder is for the players that are sick and tired of NOT getting anywhere, never winning any games, or finding it extremely difficult to advance in ranks.

If you want to get ahead of your friends, or you just want to get better so you can actually start winning, then this system could be something to consider.

Pros and Cons


  • The information that’s included with the purchase is updated regularly, allowing players to progress efficiently as it’s being updated with every patch
  • The app updates itself automatically so the builds are always relevant, always keeping you 2 steps ahead of your opponents
  • The e-book is also very easy to follow. You can follow it in your own time as well, you aren’t tied down to a specific time frame or routine that you HAVE to do
  • The desktop app that players have to use works perfectly with the interface. I have no issues with it, it works as intended and has no errors, unlike some of its competitors


  • You will need to know how to follow instructions (even though they are pretty simple, some people don’t enjoy reading)
  • Just like every other game, you need patience and time before you start seeing results for your hard work. Don’t expect to be diamond rank in less than a month (unless you’re already high up there of course)

Pricing And Purchase Details

You can get the Package Builder from

Although the pricing for this system changes often, and that is why I recommend you check the current price first.

It usually sits between $7 and $15. After the purchase, you can download it instantly and start using it right away.

Lol builder package

Do I Recommend This Product?

It really depends on the type of League of Legends player.

If he/she is willing to follow instructions and doesn’t mind a little patience to learn the ropes (finding out exactly how to use this product), then this is a great solution for anyone who is wanting to improve their LoL skills, or for anyone that’s at a stand-still in terms of their game development.

But it DOES require some dedication and focus.

However, as you may or may not know, that is certainly apart of the satisfaction that the players will get when they reach the hard-to-get diamond rank anyway!

If that sounds like you, then this product is highly recommended and a great choice for you!

My Final Opinion

The League of Legends Package Builder is created for anyone that wants to improve in LoL.

The combination of the desktop app and the e-book gives this program a very clear and understanding throughout.

What I liked the most about the LoL Builder is that it updates itself regularly with new builds so you will never have out-dated information.

If you’re looking to completely SMASH your friends and wanting to start climbing the ranks to be amongst the top players, then this is definitely for you!

Because of the reasons that I have outlined in this article, and for the simple fact that the price range is extremely low while the cons are very minor, I’m going to say the League of Legends Package Builder is highly recommended!

Check The Current Price Of This System Now!

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